Why Choose a Non-Medical In-Home Care Provider?

Why Choose a Non-Medical In-Home Care Provider?

Why Choose a Non-Medical In-Home Care Provider?

If you have a loved one and are looking for additional help with daily activities, you have probably spent a lot of time looking for options, which can feel overwhelming. 

Medical and non-medical caregivers exist, but which is right for your loved one? Not everyone needs medical-related care, and some people just want to maintain their independence. 

Joyful Companions wants to show you why choosing a non-medical in-home care provider is a great idea to help provide support to anyone who needs additional assistance with flexible arrangements. We offer attentive, compassionate, affordable at-home care in the Minneapolis area.

Let us show you the advantages of non-medical in-home care and how it can improve your loved one’s life quality. 

What Is Non-Medical Home Care?

Non-medical home care is a way to provide support to someone who needs help with daily living activities. It provides peace of mind that your loved ones are being cared for while you tend to the demands of your life. 

Non-medical home care services might include: 

  • Laundry and light housekeeping (re-ordered)

  • Shopping and other errands

  • Verbal reminders and cues through dressing and grooming 

  • Standby assistance with walking, sitting, and standing

  • Transportation to appointments and events 

  • Companionship

Whether it’s your loved one with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s disease who requires more daily assistance or someone who could benefit from as-needed companion care, respite care, or regular check-ins, non-medical home care is a viable and beneficial option that can enhance a loved one’s quality of life while supporting their family. 

Advantages of Non-Medical Home Care

One of the main advantages of non-medical home care is that it's affordable, customizable, and flexible. At Joyful Companions, we require a two-hour minimum visit, but other than that, we can accommodate whatever needs your loved one requires. 

Our team can help your loved one stay active and engaged through various activities. Non-medical home care is a convenient way to ensure that your loved one is getting the support they need and can help promote a healthier, independent lifestyle

Check out some of the most helpful parts of non-medical home care.

Flexible Scheduling

A caregiver can be around only when you need them to help out. 

Customized Care

Caregivers can help where your loved one needs it most through transportation, housekeeping help, meal prep, and more. 

Professional Observation

Keep tabs on your loved one with help from a caregiver who is trained to spot any differences in health. 

Trusted Companionship

To ensure compatibility, caregivers are matched with clients based on personality and shared interests. 

Relief for Caregivers

Give yourself a break once in a while by allowing a caregiver to spend time with your loved one. 

Stay Active

With the help of a caregiver, your loved one can stay active and enjoy their hobbies. 

Improved Quality of Life

With respite care, your loved one will benefit from having someone provide socialization and companionship while you relax and recharge. 

Reduced Stress

The stress of being a caregiver can build. Allowing a professional companion to take a load off your shoulders is immensely beneficial. 

Is Non-Medical Home Care Right for Your Loved One?

If your loved one is at a point where they need additional assistance, then non-medical home care might be a good fit. Just because someone might be living with a disability or is elderly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a fulfilling life. 

Joyful Companions team members are trained to establish meaningful connections with our clients to help them stay social, active, and motivated. You can also have peace of mind that your loved one is cared for by a trustworthy companion who is passionate about their position. 

You can take the time off from caregiving you need while knowing it won’t affect your loved one’s regular care. 

Non-Medical Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can put a lot of strain on you as the caregiver to be around to help out. 

Allow a companion from Joyful Companions to help out. A companion can help your loved one through assistance with routine tasks, offer reminders and cues through activities, report changes in health or appearance, and offer reminders to practice routine exercise. 

Plus, your loved one will receive the safety and support they need to live a happy lifestyle.

Non-Medical Care for Parkinson’s

For individuals living with Parkinson’s, companion care is a great way to help them live a fuller life while allowing caregivers to take a break. 

Companions can help with meal prep, monitoring nutrition intake, helping around the house, helping manage symptoms, and transporting your loved one to appointments, activities, or errands. 

Non-Medical Companion Care & Check-Ins

If your loved one just needs a little additional help or regular check-ins, a companion can help. Joyful Companions offers respite care, allowing you to rest and recharge while a qualified caregiver spends time with your loved one. 

If you struggle to balance your life with caring for a loved one, respite care can help

If your loved one just needs regular check-ins, our companions can handle that. This is particularly important for seniors and those living with a disability. 

When your life doesn’t allow you to take time away, a qualified companion can be there to help assist your loved one. 

Get in Touch With Qualified Caregivers You Can Trust in Minnesota

Joyful Companions is here to help you live a balanced life while enhancing the life of your loved one. Both of you need assistance to thrive, and we can be there to help. 

No matter what time you need assistance, our companions are ready. Check out some of our testimonials and our other home care options. 

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