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Companion Care

Care Services in Minneapolis, MN

Home Care Assistance for Your Loved Ones

The older we get, the more important it is to have quality companionship in our lives. At Joyful Companions, our caregiving team will help enhance the quality of life for that special person in your life, doing their best to improve cognitive performance, manage any symptoms, and maintain independence.

  • Wide Variety of In-Home Companion Care Services
  • Trained & Qualified Caregivers You Can Trust
  • All Services Covered by a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
  • Family Owned, Locally Operated Companion Care Business

Building Lasting Relationships With Compassionate Companions

  • Non-medical care, from light housekeeping to meals
  • Help with hobbies and crafts
  • Read aloud a favorite book, newspaper, or scripture
  • Play board and card games
  • Discuss current or historical events
  • Engage in conversation and leisure activities
  • Answer door and telephone, write letters, sort mail
  • Escort on walks or wheelchair strolls
  • Assist with setting up social functions
  • Remind about important calendar dates
  • Assist with technology to stay in contact with family
  • Accompany to the dining room for meals

Companion Care You Can Count On

As our families come to a point where they need a service beyond what they can offer, our caregivers are trained and skilled in establishing connections with your loved one to help them stay more active, social, and motivated.

Whether it’s an afternoon spent playing their favorite board game or accompanying them for a splendid Sunday morning stroll, our mission is to help seniors or anyone living with a disability maintain a sense of normalcy in their life. Our companion care services benefit not just our clients but also their loved ones and family members.

Let us help lessen the burden, keep you active and on routine, and achieve peace of mind with protective insurance.

Provide Relief for Caregivers

Providing quality care for a loved one can prove to be quite the demanding task. Our companion care services can help family members take breaks from the demands of providing full-time care while still ensuring their loved one is safe and comfortable.

Having more peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for by a professional who understands their needs will allow you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Stay Active

Our caregiving services will ensure that your loved one has the opportunity to engage in frequent, meaningful activities and conversations, helping them retain a sense of purpose and belonging. Our customized care plan will cater to their hobbies, interests, and general needs, allowing them to live as independently as possible.

Routine Updates

It can be stressful going a few days without being able to check in with the senior in your life. Having a caregiving team on your side will not only ease the stress of not knowing how your loved one is doing but can also provide you with frequent updates and observations, so you better understand how your loved one is doing and feeling.

With our non-medical caregiving services, our team can help your loved one stay on top of everyday tasks and chores such as light housekeeping, meal planning, laundry, and more, so they can better stick to their daily routines and maintain their independence.

Long-Term Care Insurance

A Long-Term Care Insurance policy can cover our companion services, and our staff will help you receive reimbursement for our care. Having such protection in your corner will only give you more peace of mind when assessing your budgetary requirements.

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