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Regular Check-Ins

Wellness Home Care Services in Minneapolis, MN

Personalized Home Care Services for Your Loved One

For seniors or people living with a disability, it’s important to check in with them once in a while to ensure they’re living a healthy, happy life. Whether you live far away or can’t take time off work, our wellness watch services can help you keep an eye on your loved one without putting any strain on your own schedule.

Our team of trained and experienced caregivers will be able to provide your loved one with the care they need and keep you up-to-date on their well-being.

  • Wide Variety of At-Home Care Services
  • Flexible Companion Care Scheduling
  • Cost-Effective, Affordable Care Plans Available
  • Family Owned, Locally Operated Senior Care Business

Check-In Services to Give You More Peace of Mind

  • Choose from two hours to 24 hours per day
  • From a few days each month to seven days a week
  • Weekends, holidays, and overnight scheduling
  • Tailor care for on-call needs and short-term schedules
  • Help transition home after a hospital or rehab stay
  • Provide respite care and breaks for family members
  • Receive updates and reports on your loved one
  • Attend care conferences at no charge
  • Enlist compassionate, and experienced caregivers

Customize Your In-Home Companion Care

It’s easy to start to stress about the well-being of a loved one if you’re not around to check in with them in person once in a while. At Joyful Companions, we tailor our in-home care services to your scheduling needs, so you can have an experienced, trained professional caregiver check in with your loved one to ensure their quality of life isn’t compromised.

In addition to giving you more peace of mind, the benefits of our check-in services also include flexible scheduling, customized care, professional observations, and trusted companionship.

Flexible Scheduling

Need a reliable person to drop by your loved one’s place once a week just to see how they’re doing? Or are you looking for a trusted professional to keep your loved one company while you’re out of town? Regardless of your scheduling needs, our caregivers can provide wellness watch services that cater to your agenda.

Customized Care

Housekeeping help, transportation rides, meal preparation, weekend socialization; whatever caregiving services you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered! Pick and choose from various at-home care services that will ensure your loved one is doing just fine and maintaining their independence.

Professional Observations

Looking for something more than just having someone check in on your loved one once in a while? Our trained caregiving staff will provide companionship and note any changes in your loved one’s appearance or well-being while giving you detailed reports of their latest observations.

Want to keep the whole family in-the-loop on your loved one’s progress? Our system can relay all of our notes, observations, and reports to specific family members when requested, so you and your relatives can have more peace of mind and stay up-to-date.

Trusted Companionship

At Joyful Companions, we want to match your loved one with someone they can consider a friend just as much as they consider them to be a caregiver. Our reliable caregivers to engage with your loved one and provide much-needed socialization and companionship on top of their basic caregiving duties.

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