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Joyful Companions

Created by our family to serve yours

We are a faith-based, family owned local home care company in Minneapolis.  Since 2007, Jeri proudly carried on the vision of her father, who started Caring Companions Home Care by Service Master in 1997, which was one of the first non-medical companion care companies at the time. We have seen the great impact that just a little help in your home each week can provide.  Clients and caregivers alike quickly become a part of our supportive culture.  What a humbling privilege it is to serve older adults in our community.

Joyful Companions Home Care offers free consultations in the comfort of your home, assisted living, hospital room or care facility. Our team will walk with you through your questions and help you make decisions to best meet your needs. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that you or your family member will be cared for with kindness, compassion and dignity, while helping to live comfortable, quality lives as independently as possible.  We understand the importance of family and we look forward to serving your family with joy!

Joyful Companions

Our vision is to build a legacy of care and compassion, enriching the lives of others in need.

Jeri Gort, MSW, LGSW
Owner, Social Worker

Serving with Love and Grace

"The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength" -Nehemiah 8:10

Serving beyond our community

Joyful Companions Home Care has touched many lives over the years through working with older adults and our caregivers. But there are several more lives it has impacted through our partnership with Kids Alive International – Peru.  When we started this company, we weren’t just passionate about the lives of older adults in our community.  We wanted to make a difference in others’ lives that are not as fortunate to have the resources we do here in America.

In 2007, we committed to sending proceeds to a home center down in the remote Andes Mountain town of Andahuaylas, Peru to impact the lives of children and abandoned women in the poorest region of Peru. A high percentage of the population has no access to electricity, running water, or proper sanitation services. Even children in stable households must often fend for themselves as parents travel great distances to find work. This leaves most children in the village with no access to primary school, if any school at all.

Jeri and Lindsay have had the privilege of visiting Andahuaylas, Peru over the years. There is so much poverty and devastation in other countries.  We continue to ask ourselves how we can provide for these dear lives, yet we go and we are amazed at the joy they have with so little. 

From the beginning, we didn’t know whether this company would grow, but trusted the Lord and kept sending little by little.  Now we can excitedly share how God has blessed Joyful Companions over the past 15 years because of the initial desire to give and serve others.   Blessings truly flow when we act in obedience to the Lord.  Today, a once small home center in Peru of under 10 children, now has not only been built to house more children, but a second home was built as well.  Friends of Peru children’s Home & Care Center brought in Kids Alive International ministries in 2009, a wonderful organization to ensure the day to day well-being of these children. Kids Alive is a large nonprofit with the ability to provide child sponsors for sites around the world. This ministry continues to help the poor, abused, and abandoned children and those who lived too far from a school. They offer kids shelter, nutritious food, clothing, education help, and basic job skill training.

A key goal is sharing the good news of Jesus and discipling children who make commitments to follow Him. Other children from the community also come to the center each day for nutritious meals and education, and support is provided in various ways to the abandoned women in the community.

Joyful Companions Home Care was established with a purpose to share its proceeds and make a difference from the very beginning. This is the heart of JCHC – To serve others and keep giving back. We are honored to serve our community and share with you a piece of our heart for Peru.

"because of her joy that a child is born into the world" -John 16:21

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