Serving Beyond Our Community: Mission Work in Peru


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Serving Beyond Our Community: Mission Work in Peru

Serving Beyond Our Community: Mission Work in Peru

Joyful Companions has touched many lives over the years through working with older adults and our caregivers. And it has impacted several more lives through our partnership with Kids Alive International – Peru.

When we started this company, we weren’t just passionate about the lives of older adults in our community. We wanted to make a difference in others’ lives that are not as fortunate to have the resources we have here in America.

What Is Kids Alive International?

Kids Alive International is a large nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Christian care for at-risk children. This ministry continues to help the poor, abused, and abandoned children and those who live too far from a school. They offer shelter, nutritious food, clothing, education help, and basic job skill training, providing care for children in loving, family-style homes.

Kids Alive International believes that every child is a priority to God, and too many are overlooked or exploited. Its aim is to serve the children by constantly learning better ways to meet their needs, seeking justice for them, and empowering them for a healthy future. They do this through preventative, strengthening, and restorative Christian programs.

Kids Alive bases its work on its values: faith, understanding, self-control, perseverance, mutual kindness, love, and devotion to God. It has been striving to spread these values around the world for over 100 years.

The Beginning of a Journey

In 2007, we committed to sending proceeds to a home center down in the remote Andes Mountain town of Andahuaylas, Peru, to impact the lives of children and abandoned women in the poorest region of Peru. A high percentage of the population has no access to electricity, running water, or proper sanitation services.

Even children in stable households must often fend for themselves as parents travel great distances to find work. This leaves most children in the village with no access to primary school, if any school at all.

Jeri and Lindsay have been privileged to visit Andahuaylas, Peru, over the years. There is so much poverty and devastation in other countries, and we continue asking ourselves how to provide for these dear lives. We are amazed at the joy they have with so little.

Growth Through Trust in the Lord

We didn’t know whether this company would grow, but we trusted the Lord and kept sending proceeds little by little. Now we can excitedly share how God has blessed Joyful Companions over the past 15 years because of the initial desire to give and serve others.   Blessings truly flow when we act in obedience to the Lord.

Today, a once small home center in Peru of under ten children has grown into a new home that shelters more children, and later, a second home was built as well. Friends of Peru Children’s Home & Care Center brought in Kids Alive International ministries in 2009, a wonderful organization to ensure the well-being of these children.

A key goal is sharing the good news of Jesus to disciple children who commit to following Him. Other children from the community also come to the center daily for nutritious meals and education, and support is provided in various ways to the abandoned women in the community. We believe in impacting others for eternity.

The Beginning of Joyful Companions

Joyful Companions Home Care was established to share its proceeds and make a difference from the beginning. Our partnership with Kids Alive International is one of the examples of our global impact. We are also committed to supporting various nonprofit ministries locally in our community.

This is the heart of Joyful Companions: to serve others and keep giving back. We are honored to serve our community and share with you a piece of our heart for Peru.

Joyful Companions is a faith-based, family-owned organization that strives to provide care and compassion and enrich the lives of others in need. We provide non-medical in-home senior care services to help maintain independence or to provide respite care.

Our caregivers are also qualified to help those living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s disease. Joyful Companions can provide round-the-clock care and support, and we do it through the Lord’s guidance.

Qualified Caregivers You Can Trust

Joyful Companions can help your loved one with additional non-medical in-home care and support. We strive to enhance quality of life and allow those who just need a little help now and then to continue to be independent.

We welcome you to view our testimonials, and when you’re ready, give us a call at 763-544-0401 or send us a message on our website.